Sweetened with Xylitol Nature's Hollow Sugar-Free Gourmet Topping
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"These products are a good option for diabetics who need to limit their sugar and carbohydrate intake.. . . The other preserves are very good. They do not taste sugar free. They use real fruit which is great. The BBQ sauce is very good on grilled chicken and I like the ketchup for eggs and potatoes. All of the products had a genuine flavor and are all-natural."
  - The Nutritionist Reviews by Amanda Hernandez

"One of the things I was most excited about was the preserves.  I normally eat strawberry jams that are packed with sugar, whether store bought, or homemade. This was just as good. I can't believe it is sugar free. We have since been using the honey substitute to sweeten our coffee and tea and enjoyed the maple syrup on pancakes. They are both fantastic. I highly recommend anyone try any of their products. Especially if you want to lose a few pounds or have blood sugar issues."
  - Breakfast with Tiffany

"I've never had sugar-free honey and it was absolutely yummy!   I know my readers will be interested in learning more about your products.   Here is my review on your products at Leslie Loves Veggies."
   - Leslie Loves Veggies

"It is a rarity that I feel compelled to write to the manufacturer of a product but I would like to tell you guys how overjoyed I am to have stumbled upon your line of jams.  I was born and raised in Hungary and my grandmother's jams were one of my favorite things to eat when I was a child.  It has always been a constant source of disappointment that the jams and preserves in this country are generally oversugared, overgelatinized, and ultimately they all taste the same.  I have tried your peach, strawberry, apricot and raspberry jams and - they are THE REAL THING!  They taste the way the fruit tastes, they have just the right amount of sweetness!  Thank you guys for bringing back my childhood tastes and memories!"
   - Alex

US Troops love Natures Hollow Sugar Free Products!"I am on my fourth tour in Iraq.  I ordered some of your Apricot Preserves and have to tell you on behalf of my tastebuds and I, THANK YOU!!!   It is SO wonderful and is so tasty.  Here is a pick of the Sgt. Major and his jar.  Several tried them last night and are bragging about them today, so you made several troops VERY happy.  I took another Apricot one, it is like fruity heroin to me - lol.  At night I have 4-5 club crackers with peanut butter and the apricot jam to end my day, and I always look forward to it.  Thanks again!!!"
     - Ethan Dean

"Sugar free ketchup, strawberry jam and mixed berry jam!  How excited am I....If you could see me now, I wouldn't stop smiling!"
     - One Fit Foodie

"The Ketchup, Maple Syrup, Strawberry Preserves, Berry Preserves, Honey and Maple Barbeque.  It was a party in my MOUTH; each one tasting better than the next."
     - SmartCookie

"I had to try them and I am not disappointed in the slightest.  Their sugar free jam and syrup are absolutely delicious and true to their respective flavors."
     - Jenny Grothe, NPC Competitor

"I usually avoid honey in my recipes for a few reasons but Nature's Hollow honey tastes just like the real deal, acts like the real deal but is made with a naturalsweetner . . .When I got mine in the mail the options just started flooding into my head!  In my green tea, coffee, yogurt, cereal and recipes!  I made a few and they all turned out wonderful tasting -- thanks to the honey.  You get a big tablespoon serving size for a measly 21 calories, no fat, sodium and 0 effective carbs.  Natures Hollow also makes sugar free jams, syrups, bbq sauce and low carb ketchup.  Oh the opportunities!"
     - Fit in Milwaukee

"Using an all natural sweetener called Xylitol (which is actually good for your teeth!),  Nature’s Hollow has created a nutritionally sound line of products, ideal for diabetic diets due to the low gycemic index with MUCH fewer calories than those products sweetened with sugar.  Not only that, these jams, syrups, and condiments are all gourmet quality and taste great!"
     - Freckled Foodie

"Natural sugar free heaven!  They make sugar free jam, sugar free syrup, sugar free low carb tomato homemade ketchup, BBQ Sauce and a sugar free honey product.  They use a great tasting and good for you sweetener called xylitol.  This natural sweetener has no after taste like artificial sweeteners.  Nature’s hollow is family owned and operated, their products are handmade and packaged weekly to ensure complete satisfaction."
     - Meals & Moves

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